Follow the {Mis}adventure!


Howdy, y’all.  Last summer, I went on an adventure.  It was my real-life “Eat, Pray, Love.”  Mostly I ate.

My trip started at the beginning of May 2016:  I visited a dear friend in Nashville, and then I flew away.  Like a bird on her migration, I’d be back to the States.

But I needed that.  I needed something new and challenging and exciting.  I could’ve gone on a roller coaster for an adrenaline rush, but I prefer going to Europe.  I wandered the streets of Copenhagen, stared in amazement at castles in Sweden, stayed up late in London and felt connected to natural beauty, history and literature in Bath.

Like any gal with a proclivity for impulsiveness, the misadventures didn’t end when I returned to Gainesville in August.  I never want them to stop.

With love and falafels,